The Neutral Position

This is very therapeutic and nurturing position. It’s good for releasing tension in the low back and to return to between doing other postures to get a sense of before and after.

Add a pillow under the head if your neck is uncomfortable and make sure your warm. Stay in the position for a few minutes or longer if you feel it’s beneficial.

Take time to feel where the breath is in the body. Is it low in the abdomen or higher in the upper ribs. What’s is it’s character like? Is the breath smooth, coarse, deep, shallow, ragged? Experiment with resting your attention on the out breath. Does that feel different from resting attention in the in breath?

Try visualising the roots growing down from your body deep into the earth. After a few minutes compare how you feel to how you felt when you first laid down.

This can really help with acute low back pain.

I’ll be posting more from my clinic in Newton Abbot over the coming months.

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