Max Secchi B.Sc.(Hons) Ost

Registered Osteopath

Frequently Asked Questions

Max Secchi B.Sc.(Hons) Ost is a fully qualified, registered osteopath with 25 years of experience. Osteopathic treatment is gentle, non invasive and effective for a variety of conditions.

1. How much is a session of osteopathy ?

Each treatment with the osteopath is £55 and lasts around 40 minutes (concessions are available for genuine cases).

 2. What should I expect with the osteopath ?

On the first visit to the osteopath a full case history will be taken with the opportunity to ask questions. This followed by an examination. You may be asked to remove some of your clothing (not underwear) and will be taken through some movements and maybe some simple bed side tests (e.g. reflexes, blood pressure etc). This information will be used to produce an osteopathic diagnosis or evaluation and from there a treatment programme. There is usually time for quite a bit of osteopathic treatment on the first visit. The General Osteopathic Council have produced a video of what to expect on your first visit and more details about our role can be found in this video from the Institute of Osteopathy.  Please feel free to call and have an initial chat if you have any questions.

3. How many osteopathic treatments will be needed ?

This depends on what diagnosis the osteopath gives. Some problems can be dealt with in one or two treatments, whilst some require more time. On average about 3-6 treatments will be needed.

4. Do you treat children, babies and expectant/pregnant mothers?

Yes. We have extensive experience of treating children & babies. We use a gentle method called cranial osteopathy.  Expectant mums can also be treated during their pregnancy.

5. Are concessions available?

Yes in genuine cases of hardship a discount can be requested.

6. Will I be charged for a missed appointment?

24 hours cancellation notice is requested.  In the event of a late cancellation or missed appointment a fee (£55) will be applicable.

7. How is Coronavirus affecting the clinic?

The use of masks is no longer a mandatory requirement but patients can still decide for masks to be worn if they prefer.   Video consultations are also available.

8.  Are you a Registered Osteopath?

Yes.  I’m registered with The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and I’m a member of the Institute of Osteopathy

9.  Do you take insurance?  

Yes I’m registered with most major insurance companies. Please check with your provider regarding your eligibility.  I ask for payment at the end of each session and then provide receipts for the claimant to then forward to their insurance company to be reimbursed.