My Secrets to Health, Happiness and Eternal Life

I’m often asked how I look so youthful and fit and what my secret is. Joking aside I do have a regime that I have been using for sometime now that does have great benefits for health, happiness, energy, sleep, stress and fulfilment. Before sharing it’s important that you only undertake new activities if you are fit to do so, it’s appropriate for where you are and what your goals are. I’d be happy to discuss with you what may be best for you and we can tailor make a plan. I’ll touch on the various areas and hope to publish more detail on each in the future.


Yes its important and again very much down to the individual. Generally I follow a plant based diet with some fish and very occasional high quality, lean meat. I rarely eat processed or junk food and avoid wheat and refined sugars. I’m mindful of good gut bacteria and add kimchi, sauerkraut and tofu.


Drink lots of water! It’s just a habit but you will feel better and your skin will be eternally grateful.


This is a huge topic and could fill many books. Generally I find that my patients are more likely to stick with something if they enjoy it and it’s easy to access. It can be anything that brings the heart rate up a little for 30 minutes three to six days a week. Rest days are important for recovery. Walking is a fantastic form of exercise and thoroughly underrated especially if done in beautiful surroundings. Otherwise I have patients who garden, dog walk, jog, swim, ride etc. Anyone who knows me well has learnt that my passions are kayaking (especially white water) and now triathlons (short course).

Sleep, Rest, Meditation

I’ve not had the easiest relationship with sleep and I’m all too aware how dreadful insomnia can be. But it can be tackled through various means. Just employing some of this health tips will likely help. Talk to me if you have problems with sleep. I may be able to help.

Ensure rest is part of your day and try to establish as good a balance between work, family and leisure as possible.

I’ve been meditating for many years now and I cannot over stress the benefits this brings. More on this later.

Green Tea

This one is easy. A good quality sencha green tea is packed with healthy, natural ingredients. It’s low in caffeine and evidence suggests that it neuro-protective.


Again a huge topic and more later. I take omegas, garlic, turmeric, vitamin D and multivits/minerals. Be sure to discuss this to find out what’s best for you.


I fast around 5 days each week. I prefer the 16:8 approach ie only eating in an 8 hour window usually between 10.30am and 6.30pm. This nudges the body into fat burning and autophagy when old defunct cells and components are broken down. Get advice on this before commencing.

Cold Water

I’ve touched on this before. It really does live up to the hype boosting energy, mood and immune system


Yoga, pilates or whatever takes your fancy. I do a few hours each week and couldn’t live without it.

More on all this later but remember to start small and experiment with what works for you. We are all different but with time a better lifestyle can be adopted and you really will feel better.

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