Covid Protocol (17-09-2021)

There has been no significant changes to the protocol since the last update but please take the time to have a look at the below.

To ensure patient safety, there will be no change to the current measures that have been put in place at South Dartmoor Clinic. We remain open in Newton Abbot and Ashburton. The Covid Protocol has been reviewed and the latest version seems to be best suited for patient safety, adherence to the guidelines and best clinical practice. As previously stated I am “double jabbed” and will continue to have boosters when offered and deemed relevant for healthcare workers.

Please read the following update regarding South Dartmoor Clinic’s protocols before attending or when booking your next appointment with us. Please bring and wear a face covering.

During this time the Osteopathic profession is striving to ensure that patient safety is our number one priority as we provide care within a healthcare setting that adheres to the current Government and Industry guidelines on minimising any spread of Covid-19.

With this information in mind there will be no changes implemented. The following framework should be helpful to know what to expect. This will be subject to change over the coming weeks/months in response to prevailing advice.

1. When you made your appointment please ensure if you were not experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, new onset of cough, loss os smell and/or taste, sore throat, headache etc for more details please visit the NHS site). Also if you have been exposed to anyone with suspected or diagnosed Covid-19 in the past 10 days, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

2. Appointment times will be 40 minutes with ample time between each appointment in order to clean treatment areas and other high touch zones/clinic furniture and prepare and change PPE. To adhere to social distancing we will have only 1 patient (with household members) in the clinic at any given time at the Ashburton Clinic. If attending the new Newton Abbot Clinic then please call me when you arrive and wait in the car until asked to enter the clinic. Please make sure your mask is in place (unless exempt) and you will be led by me straight into the clinic room.

3. We will ask that patients arrive on time for their appointment and not too early. Temperatures will be taken using a handheld IR thermometer 3cm from the forehead.

4. Please leave as many accessory items in the car/at home as you are able to.

5. If possible please bring your own PPE mask to attend your appt. You will need to remove any gloves that you have been wearing outside our clinic environment and wash your hands/put on another pair on entering the clinic or use the hand sanitiser supplied.

6. We kindly ask that patients do not bring friends or family to appointments unless absolutely required as a chaperone or for assistance.

7. It is advised that patients wear minimal, comfortable, loose clothing and a face covering.

8. The treatment format should remain similar to pre Covid-19. A 1.5m metre distance will be maintained when possible (taking a history, giving advice). 

9. The osteopath will be wearing PPE. This will be sourced ethically (not taking away from the NHS). It will include single use apron and single session face masks. Eye protection and gloves may be worn depending on circumstances or if requested by the patient

10. Payment will be using the sterilised the mobile card reader provided or cash.

11. Further appointments will be made in a diary and a text can be sent to confirm the booking when it’s made.

12. All magazines and reading materials have been removed from the clinic.

We trust that this level of care will prove satisfactory to you in providing a safe environment for you to receive your Osteopathic treatment in these Covid-19 times. We will continue to monitor our approach to delivering this care and modify these guidelines accordingly. Please remember that although every recommended measure will be taken at the clinic this will unfortunately not reduce the risk to zero and patients attending the clinic do so in full knowledge and acceptance of the risks.  If you have any further queries regarding this or your suitability for receiving treatment at this time, please contact me.

South Dartmoor Clinic

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